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Funny, Factual, and Frequently Asked Questions About Our Web Survey Services

What's with the low survey package prices?

It's simple, we believe that hosted web applications can be, and should be, very cost effective. We keep the costs of running our web survey services to a minimum by keeping our systems simple, outsourcing where it makes sense (e.g. payment processing), and having inhouse technical expertise.

Unfortunately, this means that we will not be providing you with fluffy 100 page documents on on "Advanced Statistical Analysis" or "Effective Survey Questioning" or any thing like that - you'll have to find those at your local library. However, we will provided you with a good product that is easy to use, and at a fair price.

Don't worry about us, we still have comfortable margins.

Will you add feature xyz?

Maybe. If a feature is missing and it's important to you then we'll definitely consider adding it to our web survey software. Please let us know about your needs by mailing - we can use all the feedback that we can get. Further, Papaya Polls is intended to be in a state of continuous improvement, from time-to-time we will survey (using our web survey tools, of course!) all registered users about what features are desired. Practicality permitting, we will try to add the most requested survey features.

What are your payment options?

We accept credit cards, cheques, money orders and PayPal. With respect to currency, we accept funds in US dollars or Canadian dollars... gold coins are OK too. For quotes in other currencies, or for mailing addresses to which to send cheques or money orders, write us at . Web survey accounts can be upgraded once you login to our survey design interface.

Can you cut us a deal?

Possibly. Write us, sell us, convince us. If you represent a charity or other select group, there's a good chance that we will offer you a significantly discounted rate on our web survey tools. If you want to barter, make us an offer we can't refuse.

We are Students/Charity/Non-Profit/etc., can we get discounted survey service?

See question above.

Do you have an affiliate or referral program for your web survey services?

Yes. We haven't made a big deal of it as yet, but we do in fact have one. You can go ahead and start referring customers now. All you need to do is sign up (a trial account will work just fine). Then make sure that everyone you refer to our service enters your username (the one used to register with Papaya Polls) in the "Referrer ID" box of the sign up form. The easiest way to do this is to provide your referrals a URL in the following format:[your login name].

We'll credit your account with 30% of that users net total spending for their first year with Papaya Polls. We'll mail you a cheque once your account has a significant credit ($50) - or at an earlier time less a $5 handling fee. The referral history is tracked and displayed with the rest of your account history in the survey administration and creation area of Papaya Polls. Would you like more information? Contact us: .

Why Papayas?

Because nothing rhymes with Pineapples. And papayas are yummy. Enough said.