Our Survey Features!

When you choose Papaya Polls to create your own survey, you gain access to our wide range of survey features. Our survey features fall into three groups:

You can click on the feature name for more details.

Standard Papaya Polls Survey Features

Features available to all accounts.

Premium Papaya Polls Survey Features

Features available to Premium and multi-month package accounts.
  • More Survey Themes
    At least twice as many themes are available for your use when you create your surveys.
  • Graphical Survey Editor
    Graphical tools let you easily add tables, lists, font formatting and images to your survey questions and email invitations.
  • Multiple Login Accounts
    You can create multiple login accounts to create, manage, view, and analyse your surveys.
  • Delegate Survey Tasks
    Each designer account can have different privileges. For example, you can create users who can only view survey responses.
  • Custom Survey Theme
    Sign up for a pre-paid one year account and we will create a customized theme for you to use on your own survey. The survey theme can include your logo, a color scheme, and some layout customization.
  • Data Access Levels
    Data access levels allow you to customize access to the results of individual questions in your surveys.

Other Features

Additional features available to our customers.
  • Custom Survey Domain
    Choose the domain for your survey. For example, we can use http://survey.yourdomain.com for your surveys.
  • Branded Survey Administration
    We can customize the brand, logo, and colour scheme of the survey administration area. Included in the Branded hosted survey package.