Papaya Polls Online Survey Pricing

Papaya Polls offers a range of packages that are suitable for everyone from customers running a single survey to those running many large ones. Our survey packages include:

For discounts for educational use and charities, and custom packages, please contact

Free Online Survey Trial Service

Cost: Free

You can try out our services for free. Simply fill out the Sign Up form and you're all set to go. All it takes is 2 minutes to register. You can use almost all of the Papaya Polls survey features while your create your own online survey. There are no tricks and no time limits - our Free Trial Account is a nearly full featured survey account with a 100 survey response limit.

Month to Month Online Survey Packages

Professional Service

Cost: $15 per month

Professional level accounts have access to all of our standard features. Included in this package are 1000 survey responses per month, additional responses are $0.05 each. See our Features page for a detailed list of our functions and tools.

Premium Service

Cost: $25 per month

Our Premium level accounts include 2000 survey responses per month, additional responses for Premium accounts are $0.03 each. In addition to Papaya Polls' standard feature set, Premium accounts have access to our premium features which include:

  • at least twice as many survey themes
  • 6 login accounts with individually definable permissions
  • our graphical text editing interface that allows you to add font formatting, images, and tables when creating survey questions and survey email invitations
  • higher priority email support
  • limited phone support

Pre-paid Premium Survey Subscriptions

Do you like our survey services? Why not purchase a few months of access all at once? You save money, we get another happy customer, and we all save some paperwork and transaction costs.

Six Months Pre-paid Premium Survey Service

Cost: $140

You get 6 months of our premium survey services at one discounted price. Plus, any unused survey responses in a month get forward into future months.

One Year Pre-paid Premium Survey Service

Cost: $280

You will receive one year of our premium survey services, plus we'll create a custom survey template for you to use when you create your own online surveys! You will need to send us a few graphics (like corporate logos) and a color scheme, and we'll do the rest. Also, any unused survey responses in any month get carried forward into future months.

Add-on Options

Our special optional features.

Custom Domain for Your Surveys

Cost: $15/month for month-to-month plans, $12/month for prepaid packages. $20 for setup.

We can host your survey on any domain or subdomain that you provide. For example, or

Private Label Survey Services

Our most full featured survey package.

Complete survey services for professional research organizations

Cost: $80/month

This survey plan is for professional research groups. It offers everything needed for you to host surveys from a web address that is clearly associated with your organization and resell the results. Our advanced permissions and data access groups features allow you to create login accounts which have access to report on specific questions within specific surveys. In other words, this allows you to offer advanced omnibus survey reporting to your customers!

We include in this package:

  • everything from the Premium package
  • 24 customizable login accounts
  • a custom domain hosting of your choice (see: add-on options, above)
  • a 5000 survey response per month limit
  • and a branded back-end - we will customize the logo, page title, and color scheme of our survey design, deployment, and analysis interface to match your organization's standards.

Please contact for information, references, and ordering for our private label survey services.

There are no sign up, or cancellation fees. A setup fee applies to certain add-on options. All prices are in USD. Payment is also accepted in Canadian funds. We are required to invoice Canadian customers 5% for GST.

Invoices for Professional and Premium survey services are sent at the beginning of each month following the upgrade from Trial service. Charges for additional survey responses are included in the future invoices. Requests to cancel services are effective at the end of the current billing period.

You can request that additional survey responses (and charges) be disabled by contacting support.