Survey Services for Corporations

We offer everything necessary for a corporation to survey its employees, customers, or suppliers.

Our Custom Domain add-on will let you present your survey from the domain of your choice. This is excellent for one-off contests, or for providing a more consistent and professional look to your survey and survey web addresses. This feature is particularly suitable for surveys involving external respondents such as customers and suppliers.

The multiple login accounts provided in our Premium survey packages are great for letting you limit the design of surveys to one or two designated individuals while giving full reporting abilities to another set of users. If you wish, you can even assign reporting access to specific questions within specific surveys with our Data Access Groups features. For example, you can limit the reporting of the IT questions of a general employee feedback survey an "IT" login acount at Papaya Polls.

We give you the ability to download your response data so that if you are doing a one time survey with us, and decide to put your Papaya Polls account on hold after it is completed, you will still have a copy of your data for your own reports and analysis.

All of our paid accounts allow you to have hundreds of concurrent active surveys. Paid accounts include at least 1000 or more survey responses per month, with additional survey responses available for a small incremental cost. These features allow corporations to run as many surveys concurrently as they please.

Our prices are competitive other online survey providers. In terms of value, we believe that we are more than competitive because of the extensive feature set that we provide. Plus, it is risk free. You can try nearly all of our survey features from a Free Trial account and upgrade once you are comfortable with our services and value.

If your organization is short on staff resources, we offer survey creation services. All you need to do is send us your draft survey, and we will have someone created it on our system for you -- for a fee of course.