Survey Services for Professional Researchers

We offer top-notch features for professional research organizations such as market researchers.

Our flagship package is our Private Label Survey Services package. It is geared towards research organizations such as you! As the name suggests, it is a private label survey service. Everything from the logo, color scheme, page titles, and even web address is customized to present a look that is uniform with that of your organization. This includes the public survey collecting portion of the services and the back-end administrative area in which surveys are designed, deployed, and analysed.

Our Custom Survey Domain add-on, included in the Private Label Survey Services package, will let you present your survey from the domain of your choice. For example, we typically recommend that customers configure "" for their survey services. Or, with web domain names commonly available for less than $10/yr, it is practical to purchase a special domain just to host your surveys. This feature is particularly suitable for professional organizations.

The multiple login accounts provided in our Premium and Private Label services are great for letting you limit the design of surveys to one or two designated individuals while giving full reporting abilities to another set of users. If you wish, you can even assign reporting access to specific questions within specific surveys with our Data Access Groups features.

In the context of a research firm, you can use this to take and resell omnibus surveys. For example, you can create a survey and give customized login accounts to your customers. Once the survey is complete -- or even while the survey is still receiving responses -- you and your customers can log in to run reports on your responses. Except, you would see the results to all the questions, while your customers would only see the results from the questions that you wish them to see!

We give you the ability to download your response data so that you can analyse the response data in whichever software you are most comfortable. Our Data Access Groups features extend to the downloading of data, i.e. if you sold access to a portion of your results, only those portions would be sent to that specific user.

Our top-end packages allow you to run many surveys at once. You can also receive thousands of survey responses. Plus, we are flexible. If you require additional login accounts, survey responses, or even additional features, we are always willing to talk.

In terms of value, our Premium and Private-Label services are excellent for research organizations. You can avoid the upfront costs of purchasing software, hardware, upgrades, and maintenance. Your only cost is your monthly fee. Let us handle all of those messy technical tasks so that you can focus on what makes you money, your surveys and survey analysis.

If your organization is short on staff resources, we offer survey creation services. All you need to do is send us your draft survey, and we will have someone created it on our system for you -- for a fee of course. We even have staff available to do data entry of "paper" surveys, so that you can then analyse them online.